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If you are looking for the FAQ on the NFT Comic Tags, click here.

I just ordered a Comic Tag off the website, Can I access my digital download now?

If you buy a Comic Tag from our website, you can redeem your digital download as soon as you receive your Comic Tag and scratch off the Custom Code on the back.

Can I redeem more than one digital download at a time?

You can only redeem one digital download at a time. If you have two codes from two Comic Tags, you will need to follow the steps listed on our How to Redeem Page.

I added my Code at checkout and it didn't redirect me to my digital download, what gives?

Confirm you have added the correct item to the cart first, then apply the Code. If it still doesn't work, please contact support at: Include a screenshot of your checkout screen.

Do I have to create an account to redeem my digital download?

No, you can checkout as a Guest. Come on back though!

Does creating an account sign me up for the Newsletter and Updates?

No, that is a separate perk. Sign up HERE for discounts and new releases!

I put in my code and it didn't start my download, how do I get it?

Close your browser and retry. If it doesn't give you the download, email with the details of your Comic Tag and your code.

I already retrieved my digital download, but I deleted it. OR I want to get it on another device, can I download it again?

No guarantees are made for how long digital downloads will remain available, however, you may download your content again for as long as the publisher provides access. Remember, the collectible card is the real value of a Comic Tag.

What other publishers will you create Comic Tags for?

Stay Tuned! CONTACT US with requests and be sure to ask your favorite publishers too.

What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?


Where can I get Comic Tags merch?

You can consult the MERCH product collection.

I'm a retailer, how do I get Comic Tags in my store?

Wholesale inquiries please contact and we'll hook you up!