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Purchasing this item gets you the physical COMIC TAG collectible card!

On the back of this card is a scratch-off revealing a code that allows you to download the following graphic novel:



In the distant future, the kingdom of Pasif’kah is suddenly bereft of its king and queen.  Reluctant nine-year-old Zakaiah, the recently-orphaned royal heir, must now leave the only home she's ever known to embark on an extremely challenging and dangerous rite-of-passage: The Trials of the House of Jasser. 

Guided and protected by a diverse entourage of warriors and mystics—each plagued by their own inner demons—the would be child-queen must learn the great responsibility of her position, explore her realm, and have her skill and endurance tested as she prepares to ascend the throne. 

Behind them, the crumbling city is at the mercy of a powerful ruling cabal seeking to usurp leadership for their own dark agendas. Meanwhile, just beyond the shadows ahead, the emergence of an ancient evil threatens to halt Zakaiah’s journey dead in its tracks.

Rise is a mix of high fantasy, horror, and sci-fi set against the rich backdrop of a world ravaged and on the brink of collapse, its hopes resting on the shoulders of a young girl and a band of strangers.