Shadow Play - PRESSWORKS - Comic Tag NFT - 80 Total

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Purchasing this item gets you the physical COMIC TAG NFT PRESSWORKS collectible card!

  • 1 of 80 PRESSWORKS NFT

  • The collectible card it the cutout of the printing plate. All 4 printing colors will be made available, with a quantity of 20 for each color.

  • Which color you will receive is a surprise (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)!

  • The physical COMIC TAG NFT PRESSWORKS is individually numbered to 20!

  • On the back of this collectible card is a code that allows you to get access to the following graphic novel and the NFT!



Written by Richard Rivera illustrated by Clara Meath

Set in the Stabbity Bunny universe! Two ninth-graders, bard and joy accidentally awaken an ancient artifact and bard loses his shadow. When he begins to weaken, joy calls upon her mystical contacts and discovers that the two must be quickly reunited or both will perish. They must cross over into val, the hidden realm where our shadows enjoy an independent existence and find his missing counterpart before time runs out! Collecting the complete first six issues of Shadow Play.